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Order custom theremometers from our thermometer company.



To order, send an email with the following information:

Your name and company name
Billing and shipping addresses
Telephone number and fax number
Item number
Order quantity

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Co-op Programs: Available call for details.

Phone Orders: All order must be sent by fax, mail or e-mail copy.  We do not accept orders over the telephone.

Payment Methods:  
The terms are prepaid. You can submit payment by check, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard or American Express (AMEX). If you prefer to pay by credit card, please complete a Credit Card Authorization Form and fax it to us. All credit card payments require this form. All your information is kept private and secure. We do not share your information with any company or person. There is a 3% bank fee for credit card use. We suggest mailing a check payment.

Pricing: Our wholesale prices are listed on the home page of this web site. Price changes usually occur in January. Special price quotes will be provided for large orders or custom designs. Discounts are only available when increasing your order quantity.

Returns: Not accepted without prior factory approval.

Shipping: F.O.B. our facility in Ohio. Unless a specified method of shipping is requested, we will use our judgment when selecting the carrier. Generally, we use the most economical method.

Claims and Returns: Claims must be made within 14 days of receipt of shipment.

Drop Shipment: $10 for each destination shipment after the original shipment order.

Trademarks: Manufacturer assumes that our clients are authorized to use the trademarks presented to us for reproduction. We assume no liability in trademark or copyright disputes. The logos, designs and trademarks imprinted on items in this catalog have been reproduced as examples of the types of customizing available. They are not presented for resale and should not be constructed as product/brand name endorsements by or for the trademark owners.

We reserve the right to use all products in our advertising and displays unless otherwise notified in writing at the time of the order.


Model # 1499T
14 Inch Thermometer


Model # 1878T
11.5 Inch Thermometer


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